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You don't earn loyalty in a day.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

… you earn it day-by-day”, proclaims Jeffrey Gitomer, internationally acclaimed sales trainer and author of fifteen books, including New York Times best seller, The Sales Bible.

One of our earliest customers, a popular bubble tea chain with global branches, recognised the importance of a well thought out loyalty program and got in touch with us to collaborate on its design and implementation. Through careful design, planning and execution with the Zii Loyalty module, we achieved tremendous loyalty driven growth that we’re proud and excited to share. These included an 85% uptake via referrals, a 12% increase in cash deposits and a 32% higher average spend from loyalty registered customers

What we learnt and can share from this experience were the cumulative factors, that led to this loyalty driven growth:

  1. Our marketing teams collaborated to derive a creative strategy

  2. We identified and leveraged a community of ambassadors via social media

  3. We engaged with ambassadors to design compelling promotions

  4. We offered exclusive, limited and overly generous deals drive awareness and interest

  5. We closely monitored campaigns and tweaked offerings to maximise effectiveness

So, where to from here? With insights on customer behaviour, spending patterns, a loyal community of ambassadors and a digital execution platform we are now moving into the next phase of loyalty with tiered rewards and a schedule of promotions for the Spring and Summer.

With our integrated digital solution, designing and implementing a loyalty program for your customers has never been easier. Get in touch today and start formulating your loyalty strategy and delivering with Zii.


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