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The Program referred to in these Terms and Conditions is titled Zii and has been created for you. The Program can be found at

The Program is managed by ZIITECH PTY LTD.

Administrator(s) are the Client's representative(s) who have Client authority in this Program.

A Participant of this Program is a member whom the Client has added to the participant database, or has registered (if applicable) and been accepted by the Client for this Program.

Claiming Rewards 

Participants of this Program can claim rewards at any time during the duration of the Program however all rewards must be redeemed by 


The Client reserves the right to reclaim and/or recover any points or the equivalent cash value of rewards in the case of overstatement of sales or performance.

Annual Fees 

There are no fees to register for this Program.

Points Accumulation

To earn points, Participants must enter monthly sales data in the program.

It is the Participants responsibility to enter all sales data correctly including the complete invoice number. Points will not be allocated to sales data which is entered incorrectly.

You are able to view your points history information by logging into the Program. The My Account page will show you when and how many points were allocated to you. My Account also highlights when and how many points you have redeemed (spent) over the life of the Program.

Adjustments will be made to the points accrued in a registered members account if there are any issues arising from:

  • Exchanges or return of goods

  • Billing or payment disputes

Points Accumulation

Clients can handle their expired points themselves.

Notice and communication

When you first register you'll receive an email that confirms your registration. Throughout the Program, you may receive emails regarding important information about the Program. Emails may include:

  • information on points that have been added to your account

  • special offers available

  • important company information

  • relevant personal information about your rewards

​Participants are expected to check their own account in respect of points and validity of points.

Points Redemption

  • Points accumulated by Participants may be redeemed at any time through the program. We expect Participants will be redeeming their own points. Should another person redeem the Participants' points without consent, the Client nor ZIITECH will be accountable for this fraudulent action

  • All Rewards are subject to availability and some restrictions may apply. The Client and ZIITECH reserves the right to modify the Rewards redeemable at any time without notice

  • Points accumulated are not exchangeable for other Rewards nor are they refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances

Change of Administrator details

An administrator can use the Client corporate account to make purchases on this website. Before ZIITECH can add, remove or change the details of Administrators, the Client must make the appropriate request in writing. Allow 48 hours for the request to be processed.

Tax Liability

Any liability for fringe benefits tax imposed on rewards under this Program will be the responsibility of the employee. Any liability for other Commonwealth, State or other taxes will also be the responsibility of the employee.


Any decision made by the Manager of this Program on a point of dispute in relation to this Program shall be final and binding.


Certain conditions may be enforced by the relevant suppliers for travel-related rewards (for example, time of travel). In all cases of non-availability of an advertised reward every endeavour will be made to supply you with a substitute determined by ZIITECH in conjunction with the Client to be of equal value. Alternatively, you may be allowed to select another reward.

The Client and ZIITECH reserves the right to remove, vary, or substitute any or all of the rewards contained in this catalogue at its absolute discretion.

The Client and ZIITECH accepts no responsibility for:

  • incidental costs (including, but not limited to, those relating to travel-related rewards)

  • any damage or loss of goods in transit

  • installation of goods where applicable

  • damage or injuries arising from the use of the products and services provided through the Program

  • Provision of accessories, batteries etc.

​The Client and ZIITECH recommends that participants under this Program take out appropriate insurance at their own expense when claiming rewards. Such insurance may include, but is not limited to, transit, travel and delivery insurance.


The Client and ZIITECH reserves the right to vary, alter or amend any or all parts of this Program at its absolute discretion. You will be notified of any such change or variation in writing.

This is a restricted rewards Program and has no relation to any other aspect of rewards schemes or any other rewards that may be available at the time of this Program.


  • These terms and conditions form the basis of the Program. It is your responsibility to read and understand them. The Client and ZIITECH have made every effort to ensure the information provided in relation to this Program is accurate and in good faith.

  • The Client and ZIITECH reserve the right to send information to members registered in the Rewards Program about their account and changes to the Program from time to time.

  • The Client and ZIITECH reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time, without notice.

  • The Client and ZIITECH reserve the right to change the Program upon giving appropriate notice. Such changes may include, but are but not limited to, the terms and conditions, annual fees, points conversion rates, and points required for redemption.

  • Members known to be engaged in inappropriate activity will forfeit accumulated points at the Client and ZIITECH absolute discretion. Inappropriate activity may relate to accumulation of points, method of purchase, or any other activity deemed inconsistent with the nature and intent of this Program.

  • The Client and ZIITECH s' failure to enforce a particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition.

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