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Running a robust and efficient retail operation has now become a lot more easier.

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Richmond, AU

Powering hospo’s favourite Kitchenware supplier Unicorn with our new Retail & ERP Platform. Get in touch to find out more.

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This comprehensive ERP system combines supplier management, purchase management, inventory management, accounting, warranty management, and reporting into one unified platform. Running a robust and efficient retail operation has now become a lot more easier.


Say goodbye to inefficient management practices! With the Zii PSI system, all data related to suppliers, purchases, wholesale, online sales, and offline retail is seamlessly connected. The system's precise inventory management capabilities extend from the warehouse to the store, eliminating any gaps in the process. 


ZiiPSI system provides a comprehensive range of document and reporting functions, including purchase orders, inventory receipts, sales reports, inventory reports, and more. It supports file imports in formats like Xero and MYOB. You also can create invoices with a single click. This significantly alleviates the workload for the finance department.

Purchasing Order Management

Now Zii PSI simplifies the entire process of purchase and ordering management.


Customers can log in to their dedicated web portal to place online orders, and all orders are consolidated in a unified backend management system. This eliminates the need to waste time across multiple platforms and various types of documents, making the process much more efficient.

Sales Order Managment

All sales orders managed by the Zii PSI backend are instantly synchronized with the warehouse, allowing for precise location tracking of items on the shelves. This enables smooth and efficient picking operations.


Furthermore, the distribution process is digitized as well. Confirmation before dispatch and inventory counting upon arrival at the store are all carried out digitally, greatly reducing the chances of errors.

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Ziipos Retail

POS with Dual screen and payment integration

Experience a range of innovative features, including seamless synchronization to our very own ERP tool, inventory management and connect with a multitude of banking institutions. 


Online Reporting

Access data, analyse trends, and gain insights

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions that positively impact your business. With Zii real-time Reporting you can access sales data, analyse trends, and gain insights to help you continually grow and improve your business.


PDA Solution

All orders in one place

No missing dockets

With the launch of our new digital PDA tool, portable label printer, and Digi Tag Solution, stocktake, stock management and pricing has just become a breeze.

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