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ZiiCliq launched in Bangladesh

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Zii is excited to announce that, as of December, our JV with CliqPack Ltd., Zii-Cliq has officially launched in Bangladesh!

Our team is working tirelessly to bring global e-commerce payment integrations, multi-language POS, international SMS & currency, to name a few.

As Bangladesh embraces the benefit of e-commerce, mobile payments are becoming a promising alternative to cash on delivery and cash at counter – which is why our immediate focus will be payment integration. According to our partners, merchants are attuned to the digital transformation taking place amongst consumers, with an increasing number of expressing interest at digitalisation. Currently, ZiiCliq is working on payment integrations with trusted local digital payment solutions, like bKash, to expand support Bangladesh’s growing class of digital consumers.

The first step is often the hardest to make. Breaking the ice with traditionalists means making our platform accessible and adaptable.

We retain the interactivity of person-person while also being more efficient. We give merchants more modern options, and the potential to open a new window for F&B services. With QR code ordering gaining traction in Bangladesh, integrations with local delivery partners like HungryNaki and Foodpanda are on the immediate horizon.

With the expansion of third-party delivery platforms taking over the food-delivery market, merchants who are confronted with the high commission rate of third-party delivery drivers can turn to us for an all-in-one solution. Currently in Australia, Zii partners with Deliverect to provide complete delivery integration. Our partners at ZiiCliq are working hard to provide the same solutions for merchants in Bangladesh.

The team at Zii and ZiiCliq are looking forward to fruitful growth opportunities that Bangladesh will provide.


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