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Zii lands in Singapore

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

At Zii, we are excited to be collaborating with Fiserv, a global fintech and payment company in a partnership with Gourmet Food Holdings, an investment firm focusing on opportunities in international food and beverage industry, with a strong portfolio of brands such as Tsuta, Burgs, Mrs Pho, and Equate Coffee.

CEO of Gourmet Food Holdings, Brian Chua emphasises "...the importance of a growing economy and increasing demand for innovative technology. This is the perfect partnership to allow GFH to expand our reach and help more businesses succeed.”

Ben Bartholomaeus, the Head of Partnerships at Fiserv APAC is “thrilled to begin our partnership with Zii and GFH in Singapore, and look forward to extending the partnership in South East Asia.”

Much like our partners, Zii looks forward to combining our expertise with these industry leaders to bring our cloud based POS and ordering technology to Singapore.

We are confident that that businesses in Southeast Asia will benefit from our seamless and integrated cloud solution to process OMNI channel payments seamlessly. Our collaboration not only provide in store POS solutions, but also offer QR ordering, Kiosk, Online Ordering, Loyalty & Reservations. All underpinned by a robust payment infrastructure with Fiserv.

We hope that our partnership will show the increasing potential of innovative technologies, for an ever growing digital age.


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