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What's in the name

“What does Zii mean and where did it come from?” people ask.

So, what’s in a name? If you believe Adam Antler, author of the New York Times bestseller, Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave, the answer is: Everything.

In the field of linguistics there are two systems of writing, they are phonographic and logographic. English is an example of phonographic writing, where each sign represents a phonetic element, i.e. a sound, with no link to meaning. Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese characters on the other hand are examples of logographic writing, where each symbol is a visual representation and linked very much to its meaning. There is a transcendental quality to this visual form and we drew on this as inspiration for the name Zii.

Zii in fact is not a word. It doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s a logograph. The letter “Z” represents a counter and the two letters “i” are customers in a queue. Why two you ask? Good question. Only one may mean that your customers are in short supply and three that your customers are waiting too long (and as techies, a three letter domain name was far more economical :) )

Service excellence is at the core of our very existence and our name and logo serve as a constant reminder of this. We stand behind the services industry. Period. We strive to become for F&B, what core infrastructure — like transportation and telecommunications — is to a city and its people. Zii will be vital to the operation and continual improvement of global F&B businesses.

We’ve said it before, that technology is but one piece of the puzzle. While we obviously care a great deal that our clients get the greatest value out of our technology, we are far more interested in helping clients solve problems. We take the time to understand the problem or opportunity and this is where we draw the starting line and proceed. We have helped customers negotiate supplies, simplify technology, enhance processes, reduce overheads, reduce waste. We’ve advised on interior design elements, social media strategy. Try us, share your business problems at

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