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Only fools rush in.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

It would be an understatement to say that the past decade has seen tremendous disruption in F&B technology. Customers now have more ways than ever to find, order, pay, receive and review their experiences through connected and highly available digital channels. As a result, F&B providers now have a plethora of digital band wagons to jump on. And you feel the temptation to jump on too, right?

Resist. Digital adoption without a plan is a fool’s errand. This is described by no one better than Birmingham-bred 80s reggae and pop sensation UB40, “wise men say, only fools rush in.”

First of all, you can’t determine what you need based on what others need. Just because Joe’s Cafe down the road has a loyalty application, it doesn’t automatically mean that you and your customers need or want it. Do you need every digital platform? Do you need every single feature? Do you need every single feature now? If not, then when and in what priority and sequence? So, in a sea of technology options, how is one to determine what is required and more importantly, not? What problem are you solving?

At Zii, we hear from many customers who have purchased technology they don’t need, for reasons they don’t entirely understand, and whose purported benefits will not be realised. This is referred to as technology debt. Don’t be a statistic. The number of factors that weigh into a business’ technology decisions are many and varied, more complex than what is reasonably allowable in a short form blog post.

Technology is but one piece of the puzzle, make sure you know what the picture on the lid of the box looks like. At Zii, while we can offer the technological solution, we’re less about pushing products and more about ensuring that your business becomes and remains successful — that’s why our teams are multi-disciplinary, comprised of technologists, entrepreneurs, advisors and hospitality veterans.

We can help set your technology road map, but we’ll even tell you that you mightn’t need one just yet. That is what differentiates us in a sea of single point solution providers.

Join us at Zii to be a part of the future:



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