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Introduction: Zii Table Ordering

Table ordering via tablets has been popular in Japan for many years. The Japanese, being globally renowned for efficiency in everything from railway systems to fast-food, it’s no surprise that they cottoned-on early to the many benefits of allowing customers to order by themselves at the table through tablets. Curiously, it’s pervasiveness outside of Japan has been limited to say the least. In the current climate of staff shortages that appear to have no end, it’s time to take a closer look at what might be possible.

There are four reasons Zii Table Ordering is worth serious consideration:

1. Increase average orders by 25 to 35%

Our customers report that average order sizes through Zii Table Ordering are between 25% to 35% higher compared to traditional methods of ordering. For example, pairing drinks with food, sides with mains and dessert add-ons, with no reliance on floor staff to be available. Table ordering presents many opportunities present order add-ons.

2. Cut your wage bill by a third

Instead of having 6 floor staff, perhaps 4 will be sufficient? Tablets will never replace floor staff, especially the good ones, but they will compliment your service experience and add some flexibility so as to accommodate differing customer expectations.

3. Correct orders. Always. By removing points of potential failure, namely communication with floor staff, lost dockets and messy hand-written dockets, the kitchen will always get the right order. Further, because Zii Table Ordering is synced with ZiiPOS, once you hit “Sold Out” on an item, it means that customers can't order via the tablet. Easy. Correct orders make for happy customers. It’s just good business.

4. Engaging

For larger tables, Zii Table Ordering is a far more engaging experience than having table full of people tapping away at their smartphones. Instead 2 or 3 guests can engage in the ordering experience by sharing a tablet and having a discussion about their meal. For venues that cater to families and larger groups , table ordering makes a lot of sense as Zii Table Ordering gets dockets to the kitchen faster.

Thanks for reading and hope that you were able to glean something insightful. As always, get in touch if you want to chat about this or any other hospitality tech matters.



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