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All the small things.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

The concept of marginal gains has been widely adopted in sports and business to improve performance. The principle is simple:

Small and incremental improvements amount to a significant improvement when they are all added together.

This philosophy of continuous improvement rocketed to prominence through Sir David Brailsford, the General Manager and Performance Director at British Cycling, who attributes a decade of British dominance in the sport to an aggregation of marginal gains in everything from the shape of bike seats, to the colour of team truck floors and even the handling of team luggage. These along with hundreds of other small improvements had a powerful compounding effect, whose results are difficult to ignore: Between 2007 to 2017, British cyclists claimed 66 Olympic and Paralympic gold medals and 5 Tour de France victories. This decade’s results is a stark contrast to the preceding century of British Cycling, which produced one solitary silver Olympic medal and precisely zero Tour de France winners.

At Zii, we live by this philosophy of continuous improvement. Every day we challenge ourselves to improve how our products perform in the field. Through research & development, understanding customer pain points and emerging industry trends, we have collected hundreds of ideas ranging from really small things such as the placement, size and shape of a button, to the flow of order entry, through to not so small things like cashflow optimisation products.

Our focus is on progression, not perfection. We will improve feature-by-feature and week-by-week until we have the best F&B digital enablement platform. Here’s a preview of some of the recent improvements that we are particularly proud of:

  • Order handling. We’ve fine-tuned the order entry workflow through dozens of experiments to find what works best in the field. In doing so, we have reduced average input times by an average of 25% and halved order error rates. This means customers’ orders are entered accurately first-time, wait times are reduced and the back-of-house receives unambiguous instructions.

  • Payment splitting. We can handle split payment processing to accommodate all the many possible customer scenarios. Where it be by individual item, number of customers, portion and or payment type, we’ve got you covered. We’ve road-tested our refreshed payments processing and the feedback is clear: Customers love it, because it just works. Effortlessly.

  • Pay with points directly via ZiiPOS. With our ZiiPOS Loyalty module and the customer smartphone app, customers can earn and pay with points directly from the POS.

We will continue in zest with marginal gains across our entire customer and product portfolio. Get in touch to chat about the marginal gains we can achieve for you.



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