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Smartpay Zero Cost* Payments Powered by ZiiPOS

Smartpay offers best-in-class payments, so why not integrate your portable EFTPOS machine with your POS for one seamless experience? We are partnering with Zii to provide a POS and payments solution tailor made for businesses like yours, streamlining the process of handling customer payments quickly, securely and fully integrated.


Read on to learn more about our offering and how your business can save money on POS and payment fees. 

Up to12-monthZiiPOSsubscription**

Free support & trainingFree remote menu configurationFree loyalty or reservation (e-booking) moduleFree Deliverect integration (to connect to Uber Eats or another chosen provider)



Best in Class Smartpay Payment Solutions


Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS

Say goodbye to EFTPOS fees

Keep every dollar from your sales with an easy-as automated surcharge – no terminal rental* or merchant fees. Just more money in your pocket!

  • No merchant service fees

  • Automated surcharging solution

  • Local 24/7 customer support

  • No terminal rental for businesses that process $10,000+ in card transactions per month

Simple Flat Rate

A predictable EFTPOS bill, every month

Know what to expect every month, with one flat rate for all Mastercard and Visa transactions. No more confusing monthly statements or nasty surprises!

  • Low flat rate for credit card

  • Industry-tailored rates

  • Local 24/7 customer support

It’s all part of the service. Contact us today to see how you can save!

Introducing POS & Payments technology suited to your business needs

When you choose Smartpay EFTPOS, you’re choosing one of Australia’s largest independent EFTPOS machine providers. We’re a team of EFTPOS specialists based in Australia and New Zealand, here to help you take card payments seamlessly. Our EFTPOS machines are easy to use by design, customisable to suit your business needs and built to ensure your customers' safety with secure transactions. We also offer around-the-clock phone support, 365 days a year with an Aussie or Kiwi EFTPOS specialist. 

Empower your business with us, with technology suited to your unique demands

We provide a diverse, fully integrated range of digital tools for the optimal customer experience, covering all aspects of ordering, booking, loyalty, payments, inventory, reporting, and point-of-sales (POS).

Zii & SMARTPAY digitally transforming the high street ecosystem together



Simple and powerful workflow

Our streamlined POS platform is the result of thousands of hours of research and development. From quick service to 200-seater restaurants, multi-site retailers, and wholesalers, Zii integrates seamlessly the entire value chain.


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*Smartpay Zero Cost™ EFTPOS is only no cost if you reach the minimum monthly threshold. Simple Flat Rate costs will be billed per your rate and terminal rental.

**Up to 12 months free POS offer is dependent on your business’ monthly turnover.

Minimum contract terms apply.

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