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Zii QR ordering. Put ordering into the hands of your customers.


Reduce Errors

Get customers orders right, first time every time with QR ordering. As customers control the ordering process and directly input themselves the chance of a mistake is drastically reduced. 

Customer Experience

A QR code menu is a visual experience and easy way to place orders. Customers take control of the ordering experience. Further more, it frees up staff to focus on "hospitality".

Increase Sales

Diners spend more when they order via QR codes by as much as 30%. This includes the relative ease by which upselling is made possible.

POS Synchonization

Zii QR Ordering well synced with ZiiPOS. Menu, pricing and orders are all displayed in one ZiiPOS screen.

Low Cost Maintenance

Traditionally, with changing menus come increase printing cost. With a QR code menu, changes can be applied digitally, without additional expense or waste.

Ready to kickstart your journey?

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