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Our journey of bringing together technology, hospitality and retail

Our rich history

We are a team of technologists, business builders, and entrepreneurs who have come together to create a connected a thriving digital ecosystem to become the simplest, most intuitive, and feature-rich commerce platform for F&B and Retail.


Digifield was founded in Melbourne, Australia with a focus on hospitality and retail and quickly expanding nationally via resellers.


Growing to become one of the most popular POS platforms across Australia, the 10,000th customer was onboarded in June. 


Zii acquires Digifield and begins a journey of  digitally transforming the high street ecosystem.


Zii launches booking, online ordering, QR ordering, table ordering and smartphone app amongst many other hospitality-centric features. 


Zii launches inventory and stock management with a focus on groceries and supermarkets.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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