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Zii Kitchen Display System. Work smarter and reduce paper waste.


Faster Service

A KDS allows kitchen staff to begin preparing orders the second they’re placed with no need to wait for servers to send back individual dockets. 

Work Smarter

Zii KDS lets you to set up colour-coded alerts, wait times, and specific timers that show the status of orders to assist kitchen staff prioritise.

Paperless Kitchen

No dockets, no mess. Zii KDS will equip your kitchen with a modern mess-free workflow that improves productivity and reduces waste. No more lost dockets. 

Single Platform

Zii KDS is fully synchronize with ZiiPOS. All orders from all channels will be displayed in one single platform.

Docket Routing

Get the right order, to the right preparation station instantly. Route food to a specific station, such as the drinks, mains, deep-fryer, etc.

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